Campion Grants

The Campion Fund is used to provide modest grants to support research consistent with the Manchester Statistical Society’s objectives and history relating to social and political economy issues in Greater Manchester and North-West England. Grants are typically not more than £5,000, and may be used in part funding in conjunction with funds from other bodies.

The origin of the fund was a bequest to the Manchester Statistical Society by the late Sir Harry Campion, one-time Reader in Statistics at Manchester University, Vice-President of the Society and the first head of the Government Statistical Service [See “Obituary: Sir Harry Campion, 1905-96”, by W. Rudoe, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 1997, vol. 160, issue 1].

Apply for a Campion Grant

Applications are particularly welcomed from researchers such as PhD students with support from their supervisors. Those who consider they have a research project that requires modest funds that cannot be raised from their existing funding sources and that is consistent with the aims of the Society are invited to apply.

Applications should be made using the form here.
The Committee normally considers applications on a quarterly basis, and the deadline for applications is the final day of each quarter (i.e. 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December). Successful applicants may be invited to present their research to a meeting of the Society.

Recent Campion Grant Awards

Mr David Caldwell
Brexit and Populism: Ideological Change and the Dynamics of Trust
Project to be completed as Ph.D. over 2016-2018
Ms Michaela Hulme
Death and the disposal of the dead in the world’s first industrial city
Project to be completed as Ph.D. over 2016-2018
Dr Craig Horner
To determine occupational status and age for the Cheshire motor vehicle registrants, 1904-1914
Project period 2016-2017
‘Sense about Science’
Contribution to reprint of booklet “Making Sense about Statistics”
Examples of the types of projects that have been funded and the outcomes of the research: