For 2020-2021, meetings are being conducted online. For 2021-2022 logistics are TBC. See our covid response for further details.

Our meetings are not of a technical statistical nature but are designed for a generalist audience. Ordinary Meetings are held during autumn and winter in Manchester, at the Alliance Française. Attendance at meetings is free, but it is necessary to book a place (see below).

Meetings start at 5:30pm. Following each Ordinary Meeting, which usually finishes around 7.15pm, the Society entertains the speaker to dinner and discussion on the topic of the evening until 9.30pm.  All members and guests who wish to attend the dinner are welcome to do so.It is necessary to book and pay (if staying for dinner) no later than the Friday preceding the meeting by contacting the Honorary Secretary.

The talk will normally be printed in the Society’s journal which is distributed to members and subscribing libraries. Copies may be purchased by non-members.


Members are encouraged to bring guests. Unaccompanied visitors are asked to contact the Meetings Secretary no later than the Friday preceding the meeting.


In spring the Society holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) followed by the Annual Dinner. The AGM is for voting members of the Society only but guests may attend the dinner and hear the after-dinner speaker. Again, it is necessary to book and pay in advance by contacting the Meetings Secretary.