Funded Projects

Campion Projects 2020/2021

Dr Angelo Moretti

The accuracy of crime statistics: assessing the impact of police data bias on geographic crime analysis

Project published in Open Access in the Journal of Experimental Criminology:

Campion Projects 2019

Dr Reka Solymosi

Identifying features that affect public engagement with appeals for information about missing persons on Twitter

A report on the project can be found here:

There are also these materials:
– The paper is available as a pre-print on OSF here:
– All of the materials (including data, data dictionary, the paper markdown) are on OSF here: . The data was anonymised using NETANOS (
– The R package which contains all the code for analysis is available on GitHub here:

Campion Projects 2018

Dr Bethan Harries

An assessment of future needs of older BME populations and the impact for health and social care in Greater Manchester.
Project to be completed Autumn 2018.

Prof. Karel Williams

Well-being and the economy: a place based approach. (external link
Project to be completed Autumn 2018.

Dr Kingsley Purdam

Devolved Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester -Baseline Profile.
Project to be completed mid-2019. Linked work on life expectancy includes:

This review is examining the socio-economic and health evidence on the Greater Manchester population in the context of the launch of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP). Greater Manchester has become the first English region to be handed control of its health and social care budget from central government and £6bn in public funding has been devolved to the GMHSCP. The review will involve collating and analysing data from: the NHS, Public Health England, the Office for National Statistics, the Department for Education and other sources to create a profile of health and social care outcomes across the lifecourse including: birth weight, school readiness, educational attainment, mental health and social care access and life expectancy.

Recent Campion Grant Awards

Mr David Caldwell
Brexit and Populism: Ideological Change and the Dynamics of Trust
Project to be completed as Ph.D. over 2016-2018
Ms Michaela Hulme
Death and the disposal of the dead in the world’s first industrial city
Project to be completed as Ph.D. over 2016-2018
Dr Craig Horner
To determine occupational status and age for the Cheshire motor vehicle registrants, 1904-1914
Project period 2016-2017
‘Sense about Science’
Contribution to reprint of booklet “Making Sense about Statistics”
Examples of the types of projects that have been funded and the outcomes of the research: