President’s Message

Fred-WheelerI am delighted to welcome you to the Manchester Statistical Society, founded in 1833.
Our founders were the first people in the United Kingdom to carry out a social survey. Their methodical inquiries compared the living conditions of the urban working classes of the nineteenth century with those of rural workers. At a time when official statistics were often non-existent or wrong, they gathered the data to influence policy on education and to improve public health. Our members have been discussing economic and social policy ever since. We continue this mission today, focussing on facts by inviting experts in their fields to present and discuss the issues of the day, to the total exclusion of party politics.
Although some of our members, like myself, have a professional background in statistics, most do not. We comprise a broad spectrum of women and men who come together because we are interested in economic and social progress and because we want to listen to those who have knowledge and experience in these matters. In doing so, we aim to continue the Manchester tradition of intellectual vitality and responsible citizenship.
Please join us!
Dr Fred Wheeler,