The Manchester Statistical Society uses electronically stored personal information, to enable contact to be made with its members and the recipients of its charitable grants. The Society, following advice received from the Information Commissioner’s Office, does not need to register with the ICO to comply with the General Data Protection Requirement. Nevertheless, the Society recognises the underlying principle of this measure, that owners of the information should have control over its use, and in this note describes the extent and use made of this information.

Personal information on members includes names, email addresses, postal addresses, membership subscription details, dinner orders and payments. It is securely held and maintained by the following officers of the Society:- the Honorary Secretary, the Membership Secretary, the Meetings Secretary and Treasurer.  In addition the Chairman of the Campion Awards Committee holds personal information on applicants for and recipients of the awards. These officers endeavour to ensure that the personal information it holds is accurate, complete and up-to-date, by promptly amending the records as soon as they are made aware of any changes.

The information is used to disseminate and communicate information to members about coming meetings, to gauge attendance at the meetings and the subsequent dinners, and to manage the finances of the Society.

In addition, the President of the Society may use email addresses to contact members, and the Editor of the Transactions and Handbook may use postal addresses to send copies of those publications to members.

Personal information is not shared with other organisations. Individual members may ask one of the officers mentioned above to provide the information held on them and to make any changes, or delete it, on their behalf. If as a result of reading this note any member requires further assurances, please contact the Honorary Secretary.