Presidential Message

Bishop David for web
I’m very honoured to serve as President of the Manchester Statistical Society. My love of mathematics grew during my secondary school days at Manchester Grammar School. Having gained a degree and done postgraduate research in mathematics at Kings College Cambridge my career took a rather different turn with a diploma in theology and ordination into the Church of England.
However, my love of mathematics and statistics has never dwindled and I continue to research in a field related to the sociology of religion, using extensive survey techniques to understand how people engage with Christian religion in present day Britain. MSS stands in the fine tradition of Manchester Societies, being a place where people from different backgrounds and with distinct expertise can bring their minds to bear on the issues that shape and form our city and its surrounds.
During my presidency it is my intention to continue to see that work flourish both through the regular meetings of the society and its excellent record in attracting prominent national speakers, and through all its other activities. I’m grateful for being supported by a very able and gifted committee and officers.
Bishop of Manchester