February 2019 Meeting: Kate Bell

Developments in working life since the 1868 Manchester Congress

Kate Bell was appointed Head of the Economic and Social Affairs Department (ESAD) of the TUC in July 2016.
The Department leads the TUC’s work in many key areas of economic and social policy, seeking to influence public and political debate through a comprehensive programme of research, analysis and events. Significant areas of work cover macroeconomic and fiscal policy, industrial policy, climate change and energy policy, corporate governance and capital markets, social security and the welfare state, pensions policy and employment rights.
The Department gives particular consideration to economic and labour market trends and their implications for people at work. ESAD works closely with many partners including trade unions, government departments and agencies, employers, NGOs, think tanks, parliamentarians and journalists.
Before joining the TUC as Head of ESAD, Kate worked as Head of Policy and Public Affairs for a local authority, as Work and Pensions adviser to Ed Miliband during his period as leader of the Labour Party, and for the charities Child Poverty Action Group and Gingerbread.

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