November 2022: Paul Dennett

Salford City Mayor
Systemic complexity and challenges amidst Greater Manchester’s efforts to deliver affordable homes

Paul was elected Councillor for Langworthy in 2012 and held the Strategic Assistant Mayor
position until 2016 focusing on equalities, cohesion, technology, change, urban transformation, innovation, prosperity, growth and workforce.

Paul has a long history of campaigning on social issues and since becoming City Mayor in 2016 has campaigned for equality, financial inclusion, the living wage, social value, anti-poverty and critically providing the public-private environment to tackle the housing crisis.

Paul is currently Great Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) Deputy City Mayor and until recently held the GMCA Portfolio Lead for Housing, Homelessness and Infrastructure, overseeing the development of the Greater Manchester Housing Strategy leading on the Plan for Homes, Jobs & the Environment. Paul has led the work on the Infrastructure Framework 2040 which will provide the focus for the Greater Manchester Infrastructure Strategy.

Paul’s GMCA portfolio currently extends to Healthy Lives & Quality Care; Homelessness & Places for Everyone.

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